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Office of International Initiatives

Check the status of your agreement in the approval process

Please allow a minimum of 8 weeks to process your international agreements. This includes a two-week review by the Office of Legal Affairs.

For follow up, questions or clarification, please contact Ms. Kike Ehigiator at 404-413-2530.

Agreement #Agreement NameCollegeProgram Director
0435-GSU-14-E-052014PSA: Student, Faculty, and Researcher ExchangeCollege of EducationPeggyGallagher
0437-GSU-14-U-042114Agreement for Dual Degree Programs between GSU and University of International Business and EconomicsUniversity WideRichardD.Phillips
0439-GSU-14-A-012314PSA for a Student and Faculty ExchangeCollege of Arts and SciencesDwightColeman
0327-GSU-13-E-020713MOC between College of Education at GSU and University of Fort HareCollege of Education 
0050-GSU-01-B-052912Renewal of Student Exchange Agreement between Copenhagen Business School and GSURobinson College of BusinessJennyR.Callahan
0296-GSU-12-A-080912MOC between GSU, College of Arts and Sciences and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulCollege of Arts and Sciences 
0115-GSU-12-O-081712Agreement for the Promotion of International Educational Exchange between the International University of Grand Bassam (IUGB) and GSUUniversity Wide 
0023-GSU-98-B-02112013APSA Student Exchange Agreement between GSU, J. Mack Robinson College of Business and European Business School, International University Schloss ReichartshausenRobinson College of BusinessJennyR.Callahan
0322-GSU-12-E-112612MOC University of Nairobi and its College of Education and External Studies in Nairobi, KenyaCollege of Education 
0323-GSU-12-E-112612MOC with Mauritania Ministry of National EducationCollege of Education 
0324-GSU-12-E-112612MOC with Moi University, Kesess Eldoret, KenyaCollege of Education 
0343-GSU-13-U-051313Test IgnoreUniversity Wide 
0368-GSU-13-E-070813UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA-MOCCollege of Education 
0397-GSU-12-A-110912Universidade Federal de Uberlândia: Student, Faculty, and Researcher ExchangeCollege of Arts and Sciences 
0398-GSU-13-U-121313Zhejiang University of Technology: MOCUniversity Wide 
0400-GSU-13-A-121613National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute": MOCCollege of Arts and Sciences 
0409-GSU-14-U-021914Shanghai Univeristy: MOCUniversity Wide 
0411-GSU-13-E-040113University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus: MOCCollege of Education 
0416-GSU-14-P-011714Universitas Gadjah Mada: MOCAndrew Young College of Policy Studies 
0417-GSU-13-B-120913PSA for a 3+1+1 agreement with Huanghe Science and Technology CollegeRobinson College of Business 
0419-GSU-14-B-031814Student, Faculty, and Research Exchange Agreement:Institute of Management-Trichy (IIM-Trichy)Robinson College of BusinessJennyR.Callahan
0014-GSU-14-B-031814Renewal Letter The Poznan University of EconomicsRobinson College of BusinessJennyR.Callahan
0423-GSU-14-P-021714Feng Chia University MOCUniversity Wide